Our company has been operating in the Grand Bazaar for 50 years. It has carried out all of the production processes in the sector on its own. It has worked for many different workshops as contract manufacturer that produce different groups of products. Our company has followed the trend products on the market continuously and kept its range of products in accordance with the demand on the market. It consistently participates in sectoral fairs around the world, while adding up to date products to its own collection. We play a crucial role in the importation of precious stones.


We are able to offer you every precious stone quickly in accordance with your requests in the most convenient fashion. We wanted to share this knowledge and experience that we have accumulated throughout the years with you. We desired to become your eyes in the Grand Bazaar. We set out on this journey in order for our customers to be able to buy trend products at wholesale prices in optimum conditions. When you work with us, you will constantly get a service that is beyond your expectations without experiencing any disappointments. This strategic partnership that you build with us will make you contented.


Our diamond collections that can meet every budget and satisfy different needs include unique designs such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that are made from brilliant, diamond and other gemstones. Our products pass a quality control process that is conducted by our professional team before reaching to you. Our diamond products are made by experts who were certified and specially trained in HRD labs that are located in Antwerp, Belgium.


Our internationally certificated diamond products are presented to you after passing a series of criteria such as shapes of the gems, clarity, weight, colour, measures and the type of cutting. Our certification highlights all qualities of the diamonds with rigorous transparency. Our brand, which offers different model options that correspond to world trends, offers you its designs that are suitable for all expectations and budgets.

Our Vision
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HR Policies

Our Human Resources policies and practices have been created in harmony with the targets of our company.

  • Socially responsible and faithful to ethical rules,
  • Learning continuously to reach the targets and working effectively,
  • Following the target results by doing the work with knowledge, and make the success calculated by numerical data
  • In a strategical management manner, with a corporate way of conscious and being able to work as a teammate,
  • Effectively use all the information and management technics for reaching the aimed success and being open to changes,
  • A human resource is planned for remembering that the information always belongs to the corporate structure instead of the individuals, and by acting with this value preparing the “Corporate Knowledge”
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