Distant Sale Agreement

Article 1) Parties

Seller: Confido Jewels

Address: Mollafenari Mah. Nuruosmaniye Cad. No:60/3 FATİH/İSTANBUL/TÜRKİYE
E-Mail: info@confidojewels.com


Article 2) Subject

This agreement is issued in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and the Regulation on Distant Sale Agreements between the Consumer who has ordered the product with the following qualifications and sales price from www.confidojewels.com and the Seller who owns this website.

Article 3) Product and Order Information

Product name:
Product amount:
Product price including VAT:
Delivery transport price:
Payment Method:

Article 4) Invoice and Delivery Information

Invoice Address :
Name/Title on the Invoice :

Delivery Address :
Recipient :

Article 5) General Terms

People under the age of 18 can not do shopping from www.confidojewels.com website. By confirming this agreement electronically, the consumer confirms that he/she is older than 18 years of age.

The seller is not responsible for price and content errors arising from typesetting and system errors that may occur at www.confidojewels.com . The seller reserves the right to cancel orders with incorrect prices.

When the consumer makes a purchase from www.confidojewels.com , he/she accepts that this transaction is for personal shopping and not for resale.

By confirming this agreement electronically, the consumer confirms that the seller has obtained the address, telephone, basic features of the products ordered, price including the taxes, payment and delivery information required by the Seller before the conclusion of the distance sale agreements.

If the product price is not paid for any reason or cancelled in the bank records, the Seller shall be deemed free of the obligation to deliver the product.

The date on which orders placed by transfer or EFT is processed by the Seller is not the date on which the order is placed, but the date on which the payment appears to have been received by Seller’s bank accounts.

For orders placed by transfer or EFT, the consumer agrees that Seller will cancel the order if he does not do the payment within 1 week.

In case the payment is made with a credit card or similar payment card, after the delivery of the product, if the credit card belonging to the Consumer is used unfairly or unlawfully by unauthorized persons without the consent of the Consumer, if the bank or financial institution does not pay the product price to the Seller, the product must be returned to the Seller within 3 days, provided that the Consumer has been delivered to him.

Article 6) Obligations of Seller

The seller fulfills the act within thirty days from the moment the consumer has delivered the order to him. This period can be extended for a maximum of 10 days, provided that the consumer has been notified in advance.

The Seller shall not be held liable for the failure of the ordered product to be delivered to the Consumer due to any problems encountered during the delivery of the product to the Consumer.

Seller can not be held responsible for not accepting delivery of the ordered product by the buyer at the delivery address.

Provided that it is justified, the Seller may supply products to the Consumer by offering equal quality and price before the expiration of the performance obligation.

For various reasons, it may not be possible for manufacturer to produce the ordered products. If the seller fails to fulfill the contractual obligations, claiming that the fulfillment of the goods or services subject to the order becomes impossible, the Seller shall notify the Consumer before the expiry of the performance obligation arising from the contract. And returns the payment and all the documents that put the customer under debt within 10 days.

As a result of the hand-made production of the products ordered by the Seller, +/ – 10% difference may occur in carats and grams of the products. There may be a difference in the gold weight, as the rings are adjusted according to the ring size specified for the Buyer.

The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the delivery of the product he/she ordered or to the person/organization at the address specified as the Delivery Address.

In order to use the right of return, the seller must be notified by the contact form, e-mail or telephone specified on www.confidojewels.com within this period and the products shall not be within the scope of the Article 7-The Cases in which the Right of Return can not be used.

Seller has the right not to accept non-reported returns.

The consumer or third party is obliged to send the invoice, delivery note, certificate, insurance forms, product box, packaging and all other documents and materials sent to the Seller in full form for the return of the product.

VAT and other legal obligations, if any, of the products that have not been signed and sent by filling in the return information fields in the invoice are not refundable. Any refunds, damages, damages or any other endamaging circumstances arising from the cargo companies or the consumer who makes the return transaction, and of the documents and materials sent with the product belong to the consumer.

The product price is returned to the Consumer within 7 days following the date of these documents are received.

Article 7) The cases in which the Right of Return can not be used

The consumer can not use his right of return in the products manufactured in accordance with the special requests and demands of the consumer or made special to him/her by making changes or additions.

For this reason, products modified using symbols, writings on the precious stone in line with the wishes of the consumer and all products produced in accordance with the wishes of the consumer are included in the scope of the products where the right of return can not be exercised.

Article 8) Authorized Courts and Legal Institutions

In the implementation of this agreement, Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in the settlement of Consumer or Seller are authorized up to the value announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Turkish Republic.

In case of order fulfillment, the Consumer is deemed to have accepted all the terms of this agreement.

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